Master in Business Administration – Concentration: Marketing

Course Information

  • Duration (years): 2
  • Qualification Awarded: MBA- Concentration in Marketing
  • Level of Qualification: 2nd Cycle (Master Degree)
  • Language of Instruction: English
  • Mode of Study: Full-time and part-time study is available.
  • Minimum Credits: 43
  • Minimum ECTS Credits: 120

The University of Nicosia MBA programme aims to provide students with a solid foundation of business education enabling them to become effective managers anywhere in today’s globally competitive fast changing environment. This programme aims to offer a programme that is highly integrated in context, generalistic in nature, and practical by remaining close to actual business practice. It aspires to assist students develop the ability to operate effectively in a multicultural environment and to adapt quickly to changing social, political, legal and economic conditions.

Programme objectives

I. Equipping students with all necessary skills, attitudes and approach to guide their decisions as business executives

II. Developing students’ abilities to handle today’s problems and prospects for business organizations functioning in a competitive world

III. Allowing students to develop their theoretical and practical skills and knowledge in one of the specialized areas

IV. Enhancing intellectual development and student graduate maturity

V. Assisting the students to analyse, examine, investigate and compose the new knowledge and competencies they will acquire

VI. Ensuring the highest possible penetration of each subject inquiry and exhaustion of conceptual academic as well as practical implications.

VII. Securing the necessary level of education for obtaining specialized knowledge and competencies and demonstrating mental independence

VIII. Offering an insight into professional possibilities and modern organizations functioning in the context of today’s competitive world

IX. Providing participating students with the skills necessary to guide both their short and long term decisions.

X. Providing international management education to its participants that will enable them to become effective general managers anywhere in today’s globally competitive environment

XI. Providing students with graduate level of business education focusing on both theories and research from a holistic business point of view

XII. Providing students with the necessary skills, attitudes and approach to guide their decisions as business executives

XIII. Providing students the ability to handle today’s problems and prospect for business organizations functioning in a competitive world

XIIII. Giving emphasis on European and International business perspectives

The Programme orients towards preparing its graduates for either further studies or direct employment in the industry.

Career Prospects

The MBA Degree is specifically designed to build upon business people’s existing knowledge and adding to their personal career development. The MBA is the tool for diversifying roles in a career for developing strategic leaders.

The MBA programme of the University of Nicosia aims in ensuring that its students acquire the appropriate management knowledge necessary and an in-depth understanding of all major business areas. Through theory and practice, the University of Nicosia MBA wishes to assist students develop into critical and intellectual individuals and the new business leaders of the future.

Graduates of the MBA programme can be employed at all sectors of the economy and business, whether this be in the manufacturing sector, tourist, financial services and professional services sectors, non profit organizations, education, trade, retail etc.

Access to Further Studies

Upon graduation, students have direct access to further studies, i.e. admission to a PhD or Doctoral Degree.