Leadership And Management Of Higher Education Institutions – 19th to 23rd March, 2018 in DUBAI


This in-depth 3 day programme takes a strategic approach towards developing and managing the resources and capabilities of a university.

Organizational, political, financial, social and ethical factors affecting a university’s long-term success will be considered, alongside the development of Human Resource strategies, gender roles in the public sector and global trends in teaching methodology.

Teaching and learning are key issues that will be addressed – taking into account developing countries infrastructure limitations and the recent development and adjustment in curricular by many developed countries.

Participants will benefit from lectures by internationally renowned European and American academic experts and university leaders, case-study analyses, group discussions and workshops. On study tours, they will visit Dubai higher education institutions and meet with senior personnel to discuss hot topics.

On the Friday we invite all participants to join us at gala dinner held onboard a boat. Participants will enjoy good food and can take advantage of the networking opportunities with colleagues from around the globe.

We look forward to welcoming you in Dubai.

Dr Larry Jones-Esan

Who should attend?


The programme is designed for senior leaders and administrators in Higher Education: University Vice Chancellors and Executive Directors, Financial Managers, Human Resource Managers and Registrars.

Workshops are geared towards Higher Education leaders whose responsibilities include management and development of university resources and capabilities, while providing the leadership necessary to renew and reform their universities in the light of changing socio-economic realities and global issues that affect developing nations.


Participants who complete this 4 day programme will be granted a Special Certificate by the Institute of Leadership Management (ILM) with automatic membership of the ILM, and be recommended to become a Fellow of the Chartered Management Institute.

Participants will also receive the LABS Knowledge Exchange CLUB Certification from The London Academy Business School.

Keynote speakers include:

Dr Larry Jones-Esan – Director of Studies at the London Academy Business School

Dr Kabir Kabo Usman – Director General and CEO at the Centre for Management Development (CMD)

Karl Brookes – Expert Trainer and Consultant Specialising in Communications

Charles Ajayi-Khiran – Leadership Coach and Motivational Speaker

Prof Rexford Sam – Management and Business Consultant and CEO of Rainbow Global and visiting lecturer at University of California

Uzo Nduka – International Consultant on Business and Project Management and CEO of Domino International

Other guest speakers to be confirmed.


Programme Content

The 4 day programme aims to cover the following topics:

  • Open, Distance and eLearning: Recent Trends and Future Prospects
  • Teaching and the Human Brain
  • Fund Raising in Higher Education
  • The Importance of Science in National Development
  • University Involvement in the Community
  • Leadership and Governance of universities in the  21st Century
  • Communication and Presentation Skills
  • Resource Development Planning
  • The US and UK Model for Budgeting in Higher Education Institutes
  • Initiating Change at University Contexts –A Human Resources Perspective
  • The Impact of Technology on the Future of the University
  • Developing a University
  • Higher Education in the 21st Century: International Perspectives
  • Marketing Universities
  • Integrating Vision into reality: Practical uses for HR in Higher Education Institutions

Note: The above outline is intended as a guide only, participants have the choice to select their subject of interest.


We expect that when delegates return to their home universities, they will put into practice the managerial skills, professional knowledge and innovative capabilities that they have acquired on this programme.

We expect participants that have completed this programme to have deepened their appreciation of the interconnectedness of their administrative specialties within the overall structure of university leadership. We also expect them to have a better understanding of a  higher education institution’s crucial contribution to overall national and regional socio-economic growth.

Leadership and Management of Higher Education Institutions


Day 1  – Introductions and Keynote speakers
Day 2  – Guest lecturers, case studies, discussion groups
Day 3 –  Workshops and sharing best practice
Day 4 –  Visits to Dubai higher education institutions to meet with senior personnel.
Day 5 (optional) – Networking meeting followed by a gala dinner cruise.

Venue: London Suites Hotel, Dubai, UAE

Dates:  19th to Friday 23rd March 2018

Fee: £1,000 per participant. A discounted fee of  £750 per participant is available for group bookings of ten or more people.

Fees include all lectures, course materials, food and drink, tour transport and the gala dinner on the Friday evening.

Dr Larry Jones-Esan
Director of Academic Studies
London Academy Business School

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