The London Academy Business School (LABS) is an educational and consulting company that specialises in designing and delivering specialised seminars and other educational products to private enterprises and public organisations alike. In the last years, LABS has increased its commitment and activities in connection with the financial industry.

  • LABS also provides consulting services in the areas, among others, of strategic design and strategic fit analysis, technology implementation, capacity building, procurement, and supply chain management.
  • With offices in London, Nigeria, and Dubai, in the last 14 years, LABS has served more than 10,000 people from 8 countries. This experience with different people and backgrounds, in many cases working in emerging economies, has served LABS well to deal with clients’ requirements and to find the right combination of academic foundations, international best practices, and local requirements when designing specific educational products or consulting services.
  • LABS is registered and approved by the Lagos State Government Ministry of Education as a registered academic and learning provider in Nigeria, duly incorporated with Corporate Affair Commission (CAC) in Nigeria with Number RC668274. It’s re-applying to be accredited by ASIC for independent further and higher education in the UK. It’s also accreditations by the Centre for Management Development (CMD) in Nigeria and registered member of the Accreditation Council for Business Schools and Programs (ACBSP) in Europe and USA.

To further its educational services LABS has signed partnership agreements with several prestigious educational institutions, including Award for Training and Higher Education (ATHE) with progression agreement to a good number of Universities in the UK for top-up to BSc, BA, BBA, MSc and MBA. LABS also partnered with Linton University in Malaysia, University of Nicosia Cyprus, and Tbilisi University in Georgia, to collaboratively provide education and qualifications from degree to PhD level.

Consistently with the most recent trends in learning methodologies, LABS seeks to provide course delegates with an appropriate blend of conceptual background and practical application of the subjects. At LABS, we believe that information and knowledge have to be placed into context to be relevant and make a difference for organisations.

In addition to being subject matter experts, our trainers and lecturers seek to understand the challenges people face and to inspire clients’ professionals to make extensive use of their learning.

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