Balance Score Card

One Week £ 1,900 | Two Week £3,500 | One Week ₦ 100,500


At the highest level, the Balanced Scorecard is a framework to help organisations to clarify their vision and strategy and translate them into operational objectives that drive both performance and behaviour. It is a management system that uses measurement to provide feedback on internal processes and external outcomes in order to improve strategic performance and operational results. Over the last decade the Balanced Scorecard has become established management best practice for many of the world's leading businesses.

This Balanced Scorecard training course covers the structure, process and challenges of building, implementing and using a Balanced Business Scorecard to improve performance and to put strategy at the centre of key management processes and systems including incentive schemes and resource/budget planning activities.

  • Why use a Balanced Scorecard
  • Cause and effect
  • 4 Perspectives of a Balanced Scorecard
    • The Financial Perspective
    • The Customer Perspective
    • Internal Business Processes Perspective
    • Learning and Growth Perspective
  • Strategic themes
  • Translating strategy into operational Objectives – Strategy Maps
  • Measurement and target setting
  • Aligning the organisation to the strategy
  • Business unit, functional, support and personal scorecards.
  • Balanced Scorecard development process.
  • Balanced Scorecard implementation.
  • Managing for results with a Balanced Scorecard.
  • Aligning incentive schemes
  • Aligning budget/resource planning
  • Implementation and Roles
  • Balanced Scorecard and the Management of change

By the end of this workshop, participants will be able to

  • Make strategy operational by translating strategy into performance measures and targets.
  • Describe the structure and typical content of a Balanced Business Scorecard.
  • Translate an organisations strategic themes and objectives into a Balanced Scorecard.
  • Use best practice approaches to overcome obstacles and challenges.
  • Understand the Change Management implications of implementing a Balanced Scorecard.
  • Improve value-added performance over time by recognizing core measures of customer-preferred outcomes