Data Science Boot Camp

About the Program

Accelerate your career with our Data Science Bootcamp, featuring the perfect mix of theory, case studies and extensive hands-on practicum. This program is a comprehensive Data Science education designed to give recent graduates and experienced professionals an extensive Data Science education, this Bootcamp Program is a blend of live virtual classes, hands-on projects, and labs, with mentorship sessions to provide a high-engagement learning experience and real-world applications to help you master essential Data Science skills.

Program Outline

Data Science

  • Gain an in-depth understanding of Data Science processes, data wrangling, data exploration, data visualization, hypothesis building, and testing
  • Install the required Python environment and other auxiliary tools and libraries
  • Perform high-level mathematical computing using the NumPy package
  • Gain an in-depth understanding of supervised learning and unsupervised learning models such as linear regression, logistic regression, clustering, dimensionality reduction, K-NN and pipeline and much more

Machine Learning

  • Master the concepts of supervised and unsupervised learning, recommendation engine, and time series modeling
  • Gain practical mastery over principles, algorithms, and applications of Machine Learning through a hands-on approach that includes working on four major end-to-end projects and 20 hands-on exercises and much more

Capstone Project

At the end of the data science and the machine learning modules, all participants would work on a Capstone project

This Capstone project will give you an opportunity to implement the skills you learned throughout this Program. Through dedicated mentoring sessions, you’ll learn how to solve a real-world, industry-aligned Data Science problem, from data processing and model building to reporting your business results and insights.

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  • A beginner or recent graduate with Bachelors or Masters with no prior background in python
  • Entry level Professional
  • Mid managers
  • IT personnel

The program duration is 6 weeks

  • This program caters to working professionals from variety of backgrounds. The diversity of students adds richness to class interactions and collaboration
  • Opportunity to work on a paid project as you progress through all our programs
  • Participants are going to join our large community of Data science for future projects and learning
  • Project Mentorship

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