Consolidated And Supervision For Banks

One Week £ 1,900 | Two Week £3,500 | One Week ₦ 100,500


Consolidated supervision is an essential tool of banking supervision. It signifies a comprehensive approach to banking supervision which seeks to evaluate the strength of an entire group, taking into account all the risk which may affect a bank, regardless of whatever these risk are carried in the books of the back or related entities.

This course is designed to benefit a central bank’s supervision function with a foundation in the Basel Accord, Effective Bank Supervision and governance issues as part of the relating to the consolidation of the banking sector in emerging markets.

  • Introduction
    • Basel Committee on Banking Supervision
    • Core Principles for Effective Bank Supervision
    • Nature and Importance of Consolidated Supervision of Banks
    • Consolidated Supervision versus Solo/Individual Supervision
  • Corporate Groupings
    • Parent and Subsidiary Companies
    • Participation
    • Banking Groups
    • Mixed-Activity Groups
    • Financial Conglomerates
  • Supervisory Problems with Banks in Groups
    • Contagion
    • Group Exposures to Particular Counterparties
    • Transparency of Legal and Managerial Structures
    • Quality of Management
    • Rights of Access to Prudential Information
    • Moral Hazard
  • Consolidated Prudential Reports
    • Scope of Consolidation
    • Holding Companies
    • Methods of Consolidation (Accounting Techniques)
    • Subsidiaries
    • Participations
    • Full Consolidation
    • Pro-rata or Proportionate Consolidation
    • Equity Accounting
    • Solo Consolidation
  • Supervision of International Bank Groups
    • Minimum Standards
  • Quantitative Consolidated Supervision
    • Monitoring Consolidated Prudential Reports on a Quantitative Basis
    • Large Exposures
    • Connected Exposures
    • Market Risks Aggregation Plus - Deduction Plus
    • Liquidity
  • Qualitative Consolidated Supervision
    • Banking Groups
    • Mixed Activity Groups

Participants will take away a practical understanding of the major players, their relationships, issues and challenges facing consolidated supervision within the central bank’s remit of consolidation of their banking sector.