Ethical Project Management And Nimplementation

One Week £ 1,900 | Two Week £3,500 | One Week ₦ 100,500


Project Management is now starting to come of age, and is now used in every business sector worldwide. The expectations of customers, shareholders and business partners increase all the time, and effective project management is the key to improving quality and delivery.

Project management skills are essential for every professional, and our Project Management course will enable you to develop key project management techniques and to hone your skills in project implementation and project evaluation. You will learn to balance important short-term tasks with the completion of critical but longer-term project-based work, ensuring deadlines are met and objectives are achieved.

  • Project management principles
  • Defining the project, definition document,
  • Scheduling and project costing
  • Project roles and responsibilities
  • Advanced project management methodology
  • Project management packages
  • Practical project management case studies
  • Quality management
  • Project Risk Management
  • Stage and project completion
  • Post implementation review
  • Independent project assurance

By the end of this workshop, participants will be able to

  • You will understand the importance of efficient project management, in your organizations
  • You will discover how to practically improve how you do projects, using the most advanced project management methodology.
  • You will learn on practical examples and through interactive workshops, how to make your project teams effective, and increase your business performance and profitability.
  • Deliver projects successfully, using proven planning processes to achieve agreed objectives
  • Have goal clarity and measurement
  • Co-ordinate resources to ensure no overrun, delivering both time and cost savings
  • Implement better scheduling, budgeting and cost containment
  • Improve use of company resources through the quality of your planning, assurance and acceptance