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Creating the Culture of Innovative Practices with Tailored Organisation Strategies

January 14, 2019

Course Overview

The current dynamic global environment challenges all organisations both private and public to advance and respond to changing tendencies and trends. Successful innovative practices are at the heart of making the most of the opportunities this initiative provides.

This workshop focuses on empowering managers and senior executives to stimulate innovative thinking and ideology in teams and individuals at all levels in their organisation for improved performance operationally and the development of effective strategies for long-term success.

The workshop is designed to be highly interactive and responsive to participants’ environments, focused on cultural challenges in experience sharing and evaluation of best practices with a range of guest speakers and site visits.

It is ideal for all managers and those with senior leadership roles who are actively seeking new or improved strategies for maximum impacts and to develop a new direction for their organisation in other to deliver improved performance and creativities.

Course Objectives

On completion, participants will be able to:

  • Enhance the competencies that facilitate innovation
  • Develop organisations flexible enough to meet cultural and innovative demands
  • Make the best use of innovations in information, communications and technology
  • Select and plan strategies sensitive to a changing and uncertain environment and manage risks effectively
  • Empower teams and effectively manage the conflicts that innovation can provoke
  • Support the adoption and continuous improvement of innovative strategies

Key Topics

  • What is an innovative organisation? Explore influences such as culture, structure and business model
  • Developing an organisation and teams within it that respond, learn and improve
  • Case studies of innovative organisations: how they measure, plan for and implement innovation and optimise information technology in their operations
  • The power of engaging stakeholders in innovative thinking using participative and collaborative decision-making tools
  • Using the project lifecycle and planning tools with agility and managing the risks of innovation in the public sector
  • Managing cultural diversity in a knowledge age using: motivation, influence, and conflict management
  • Leadership styles and behaviours that help to release the imprisoned splendour that hinders innovation goals.

Biography of Professor Richard Li-Hua

Richard Li-Hua, PhD, is Professor of Strategic Management & Leadership and President of SIAS International University, China. As President and Vice Chancellor, he has served as Chief Executive Officer of the University with 26, 500 students and 14 schools with operational responsibility for the operations of the campus and Provost responsibilities for academics and report to the Board and Chair of the Board.

In addition, he has been line-managing Human Resources Management Department, Department of Global Engagement and International Development, Executive Office of the University, School of Chinese Language and Culture, as well as Sias Business School with 11,000 students, one of the largest business schools in the world, which is under AACSB international accreditation. He is the first president elected by the University after a global search and in fact the first president elected through the democratic process and the search committee in China.


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