Financial Innovation For Emerging Economies

One Week £ 1,900 | Two Week £3,500 | One Week ₦ 100,500


It is generally accepted that innovation is a key requirement for economic success. While much has been written on the role of innovation on economic growth, only recently has there been a compelling case made to argue that external environmental factors are at least as important as internal company factors in stimulating innovation. This course introduces and stresses the importance of Financial Innovations that’s nurture the “emergence” process of capital market in developing countries by bringing about a lower national cost of capital that in turn enhances the wealth of nations.

Financial Innovation in the form of different types of derivatives products or financial engineering technologies generally provide low-cost and highly efficient methods of mitigation rather than exchanging risk by “completing” emerging capital markets.

  • Defining Financial Innovation
    • Allocation efficiency
    • Operation efficiency
  • Mapping the Capital Market Emergence Process
    • Market Capitalisation
    • Market Completeness
  • Equity and Debt Market Segmentation
  • Foreign Exchange Market Segmentation
  • Mapping Paradigm for Emerging Capital Markets
  • Deregulation
    • Relaxation of credit controls
    • Deregulation of interest rates
    • Relaxation of international capital flows
    • Floating exchange rates
    • Free entry into/exit from the financial service industry
  • Disintermediation
    • Financial Intermediation
    • Bifurcated intermediation
  • Securitisation
    • Credit Enhancing
    • Currency Risk
    • Credit Risk
    • Country Risk

By the end of the course you will be able to:

  • Create synergies and the necessary conditions to foster innovative financial projects,
  • Support the development and financing of SME's and innovation,
  • Develop an ecosystem by organising exchanges between large firms, SME's, and academics,
  • Reinforce the globally-renowned research and training hub in finance and economics,
  • Contribute to the emergence of projects in social and environmental finance (carbon trading, climate indices, micro-finance)