Inspirational Leadership

One Week £ 1,900 | Two Week £3,500 | One Week ₦ 100,500


“In a survey of more than one and a half thousand managers, people were asked what they would most like to see in their leaders. The most popular answer, mentioned by 55% of people, was ‘inspiration”An inspired and motivated workforce is essential for any business that hopes to stay ahead of the competition. But just how do you motivate people? What kind of leadership do people respond to? And how can you improve the quality of leadership in your business? This inspirational leadership course will allow you to evaluate your personal leadership style, enhance your personal credibility and develop a committed organisation.

An inspirational leader instils life, confidence and energy into an organisation. This course gives participants the know-how to build a high-performance and high-trust culture. During this interactive and practical workshop will help participants develop the leadership skills required to get the best out of their teams. They will be encouraged to relate theories and principles to their own working lives, and to prepare an action plan of what they plan to do differently as a result of the programme.

  • Module Overview (Inspirational Leadership)
  • Personal leadership
  • Knowing oneself - 360° feedback
  • Identifying capabilities and opportunities for development
  • Personal savvy, credibility and trust
  • Emotional intelligence
  • Leadership dynamics
  • Power, influence and persuasion
  • Communication, motivation, and employee engagement
  • Building high-performance groups and teams
  • Leading change
  • Influencing others across large groups
  • Sustaining leadership effectiveness – pacing oneself
  • Reviewing personal leadership goals & directions
  • Project presentations

By the end of the course you will be able to:

  • Construct, evaluate and communicate an effective vision statement
  • Identify the need for inspirational leadership to empower, develop and motivate staff, increasing business growth and reducing attrition
  • Define the challenges of management and leadership, identifying individual preferences, strengths and development areas
  • Demonstrate the use of feedback and coaching as effective people development and performance management tools
  • Identify personal influencing preferences and develop situational influencing flexibility