Leadership Through People Skills

One Week £ 1,900 | Two Week £3,500 | One Week ₦ 100,500


When it is time to take charge you want leaders to be focused, efficient and productive, to be able to motivate and engage their team. This Leadership Through People Skills training is designed to equip leader with the latest and most influential set of performance management and people skills that will support their transformation to become leaders of change, able to meet today’s business challenges and so bring vision to reality.

Master the interpersonal skills that boost productivity. It is no secret that people skills are the key to leadership excellence, but developing these skills and learning to use them appropriately takes understanding and practice. Leadership through people skills introduces the Dimensional Model of managerial behaviour, which is designed to sharpen your understanding of how people skills work and give you plenty of opportunities to practice them. In mastering the techniques and strategies you’ll learn in this career enhancing guide, you’ll discover how to make yourself and everyone around you more focused, more efficient, and more productive.

  • Relationship Between Leadership & Delegation,
  • Leadership Style
  • Leadership Styles with Direct Reports
  • Leadership Styles with Peers and Bosses
  • Empowerment: delegating, Teaching, coaching and entrusting
  • Coaching and DEVELOPING Direct Reports
  • Professionalism: Character, composure, commitment, Communication, competence and caring
  • Empathy: and building rapport, Understanding others and valuing strengths
  • Optimism: Enthusiasm, Eagerness to learn and teach, and resilience
  • Partnership: collaboration (vs. competition), Creating synergy and teamwork
  • Loyalty: building energetic followers who persevere and are accountable to self and others

By the end of the course you will be able to:

  • Adapt to diversity - learn how to work with different people differently
  • Get commitment from employees to achieve their full potential and contribute to team goals
  • Communicate the meaning of the organizational vision clearly so that it can be executed
  • Empower people to act competently and confidently
  • Apply persuasion and influence skills in all directions - with direct reports, peers and bosses