By Larry Jones-Esan.

Larry Jones-Esan has worked in the education sector for more than 15 years, with commercial experience spanning over three decades. The author has contributed immensely to many corporate organisations and start-ups. He is an Entrepreneur, a Business and Management Consultant, Information Technology Professional, a Certified IT Trainer and a seasoned practitioner.
This book comes from the author’s personal experience and his ability to add value to organisation both to those who are leading and to those following. Over the years, his experience in different roles and in organising and facilitating workshops and seminars on many exotics subjects in finance and management coupled with an international exposure in trade mission assignments in different countries, particularly in UAE, Asia and Africa, makes writing this book a real experience.

As part of the top leadership team of the London Academy Business School, he managed both the international office staff and the administration of the Academic Affairs department, coordinating the department’s annual performance review, training needs and professional development opportunities. .

He developed and implemented a marketing and recruitment plan for international undergraduate, postgraduate students and executive programme for champion of industries, Increasing the number and quality of international applications. He has helped many leaders and followers developed functional skills which lead to improvement in their personal impact and performance

His written articles include;
Private Partnership in Funding University Education,
Emotional Literacy in Education and Adulthood,
Support for Overseas Student in the UK (SOS),
Global Imperative of University Governance and
Learn to Break the Chain of Dependency Syndrome.

He has also delivered convocation lectures in a number of universities, and appeared on TV/Radio show and interviews including BBC UK, MBC Mauritius. Ben TV, UK, CNBC New York and NTA, LTV Ikeja, Channels TV in Nigeria to mentioned a few.


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