Modernising The Public Sector; Delivery And Account

One Week £ 1,900 | Two Week £3,500 | One Week ₦ 100,500


Modern, efficient and high quality public services lie at the heart of a productive and fair society. There is an increased pressure on public sector service organisations and institutions to improve service delivery and accountability at all levels. Public sector organisations operate in complex and ever-changing environments where senior managers and decision makers have to juggle several priorities in order to achieve specified outcomes.

This innovative programme has been designed with senior public sector managers in mind. They will benefit from the latest thinking, tools, frameworks, strategies, knowledge and skills needed to develop and implement high quality, efficient, seamless and modern service delivery.

  • The major drivers for modernisation and reform programmes
  • Key features of modern policy making
  • Design, implementation, monitoring and evaluation of public policy making and implementation
  • How to link policies with organisational and institutional strategic aims and objectives
  • The role of good governance in policy implementation
  • The main concepts and skills required to provide leadership in public policy formulation and implementation
  • How to develop effective communication strategies to win hearts and minds
  • How to develop effective consultation process and strategies
  • How to conduct a stakeholder analysis and effective engagement strategies
  • How to develop relevant project management knowledge and skills required in policy making and implementation
  • Critical thinking and analytical skills
  • Monitoring and evaluation strategies
  • How manage people and organisations through change

By the end of the course you will be able to:

  • Understand the trends and pressures affecting public services and their implications on service delivery and accountability
  • Apply key principles for effective accountability and efficiency
  • Understand the expectations of users of public services and their role as consumers,
  • Understand the role of effective leadership in service delivery and accountability
  • Learn and use the latest practical techniques in transforming local government
  • Gain practical tips on sharing services and partnership working
  • Deliver whistle blowing strategies
  • Navigate strategic change in your organisation