About SchoolsHub

SchoolsHub is an ICT and knowledge driven platform – cloud based and mobile responsive, designed to drive learning activities, communications and mutually beneficial relationship among ALL stakeholders in education sector towards ensuring inclusiveness irrespective of location, status etc,. efficiency in service delivery, optimization of Return On Investment (ROI) and overall improvement in standard of education in Nigeria.


Our vision is to be the best in supporting education industry stakeholders with technology driven solutions as a basis for mutually beneficial relationship towards rendering quality, efficient and effective services and ultimately making students be the best they can possibly be.


Our mission is to continually research, develop and make available modern and innovative ways of connecting, sharing knowledge, resources and service delivery in education and education environments.

Core Values

  • At the core of our strategy formulation is Trust with which we shape and define relationships.
  • The strength of our Team lies in each member and strength of each member lies in the team and bonds with our stakeholders.
  • Idea generation, Exchange and enrichment is fundamental reason why SchoolsHub exist.
  • Focusing on quality and timely Service delivery is a passion at SchoolsHub.

We Are Here To Solve A Problem

On every lips is a question!!! Why the poor education system performance? Employers of labor are worried about declining quality of human capital. Policy makers are daily strategizing for solution. A point is common to all – “Education is the most important aspect of human resource development and Poor educational system performance not only results in the student’s low self-esteem, but also causes significant stress to all stakeholders”. However, research have shown correlation between poor education system performance and declining quality of human capital.

Our Solution

SchoolsHub exist to connect the dots!!! Schoolshub.Ng is a Multi-Sided Information Technology driven platform that creates value primarily by facilitating effective and efficient communication and interactions between all stakeholders in education industry as a basis for mutually beneficial relationship with the ultimate aim of making students be the best they can possibly be. For any education system to be successful it must be able to form and maintain a meaningful emotional connection and mutually beneficial relationship among stakeholders.

Meet the Team

Dr Larry Jones-Esan
Executive Board member and Director of Academic operations

Content Administrator

IT Administrator

Tech Partner