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We are an approved Centre accredited to run courses in Accounting and Finance, Business Management, Tourism, Computing and Law including English Language and Mathematics. Pre-Degrees, BA, BSc, PgD, PgDMS leading to MBA and MSc etc, through major Universities and other Professional Bodies such as ACCA, BCS, CMI CompTIA, ATHE, OTHM Qualifications, Microsoft and so forth, all of which lead to examinations and memberships of these qualifications.

Discover the importance of strategic thinking, innovation, and purposeful leadership when dealing with change. Refine your leadership purpose and learn how to innovate through change.

Change is inevitable in both your personal and professional life. Although sometimes unexpected, it offers an opportunity to improve and innovate. In this webinar, you will understand the nature of change and learn about the concept of strategic innovation.

You will critically reflect on your past experiences of change to understand how you deal with it. You will also explore your own leadership capabilities. By identifying areas of strategic innovation, you will be able to make a positive difference during times of change and growth.

What we will discuss?

  • Personal experience of change
  • Leadership and strategic purpose
  • Strategic thinking
  • Strategic drift
  • Organizational change
  • The playing to win model

What will you achieve?

By the end of the webinar, you will be able to...

  • Explore the concept and practice of strategic thinking.
  • Develop your understanding of change at a personal level.
  • Identify and define your leadership purpose.
  • Investigate strategic drift and the nature of change.

Who is the webinar for?

This course will be of interest to anyone looking to lead and be innovative in their organization or society.

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Understand employee engagement and explore what motivates us in the workplace with this business psychology course. Reflect on the challenges in HR management, leadership and the effect of globalization on talent management.

Learn what affects employee engagement and motivation

What do engaged and motivated employees look like? And what about disengaged and demotivated employees?

Get answers in this webinar about employee engagement, where you will start by considering existing definitions of engagement and motivation. You will gain insight into the key factors linked to motivation and engagement, and question the causes of employee demotivation and disengagement – whether it is the job itself or individual personality traits.

You will also examine the differences between face-to-face and virtual teams by considering communication and trust.

Are you aspiring to start an HR career or are you a line manager looking for guidance? In this webinar, you will learn more about the challenges of HR management in today’s world.

Over two weeks, you will cover a range of topics that will boost your understanding of the skills you’ll need to succeed in your HR career. You will discover challenges in HR like leadership and the effect of globalization on talent management.

You will reflect on the world of work and the future of employment while addressing some of the challenges you will experience in your own role.

What we will discuss?

  • The definitions of the concepts of motivation and engagement at work
  • The internal and external key factors that lead to employee motivation and engagement
  • The role of job design; the job characteristics model in relation to motivation and engagement
  • The relationship between personality traits and employee engagement and motivation
  • The difference between face-to-face and virtual teams’ motivation and engagement levels, which will allow you to discuss communication and trust

What will you achieve?

By the end of the course, you will be able to...

  • Identify the definitions of motivation and engagement at work
  • Explore the key factors that are associated with motivation and engagement
  • Evaluate the key role of job design to employee engagement and motivation
  • Assess the role of personality traits in relation to motivation and engagement
  • Describe how motivation and engagement is different between face-to-face and virtual teams by discussing the quality and quantity of communication and trust

Who is the course for?

This course is for anyone looking to gain a better understanding of engagement and motivation in the workplace. It’s suitable for professional development.

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Understand how new technologies can make businesses more sustainable and learn how to deal with today's trends.

Every product that we use today is the result of a Business Innovation - a complex series of steps that turn raw materials into the final products we use and everything related with this. Managing these Business Innovations has become more and more a challenge, especially with all modern technologies and todays trends. The 24-hour economy, fast delivery of goods to your home, wanting to have customized products and of course the focus on sustainability are a few of these trends.

What will you achieve?

By the end of the webinar, you will be able to...

  • Describe the key trends in Business Innovation.
  • Explain in their own words the role of information and communication technology in Business Innovation.
  • Discuss the impact of innovative information and communication technology in a clear and substantiate way.
  • Reflect on Business Innovation in different application areas, as for example logistic service providers and construction industry.

Who is the course for?

Business Innovation is a cross disciplinary area. In this course we give a broad overview rather than focusing on detailed quantitative/mathematical or ICT skills. Although we’ll challenge you to perform some basic modelling and technology activities, the focus is on thinking Business Innovation and recognizing the impact of ICT so that you can be an innovator in this area and a driver of change. Key to a good Business Innovation manager is his/her ability to think across company borders and functional domains. In addition, being interested in both business and technology is essential.

This course is aimed at professionals and students in disciplines such as ICT, operations, marketing, finance who wish to learn more about Business management. Business Innovation management and operations professionals and students that want to learn from about new trends and technologies can also benefit from the course. As we are all end customers of Business Innovations and the impact of Business Innovations on our world is enormous, many of us wish to know what is happening behind the scene.

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